Linnea George


Be Yourself. Use Your Voice.  Find Your Perfect Fit.


Getting Started in the Bay Area*
This one month program is aimed at newcomers to performing in the SF Bay Area. Whether you are a seasoned actor in another market/geographical area or want to recapture the feeling you had doing shows in school, Linnea can help you find your perfect fit in the Bay Area. Highlights:
• Short and long-term goals for both artistic and business side of your career
• Guidance on how to get an agent, obtain headshots and create a resume
• Choose monologues and prepare for auditions with Linnea
• Direct access to and support from Linnea to take your fear out of the unknown and give you the confidence you need to be yourself in the Bay Area!

Audition Preparation*
This 3-4 session program is for persons who must have a memorized monologue or scene prepared for an audition. Call (408) 334-1120 to inquire and/or be added to a wait list.
• Offered to musical theatre, opera, and actors. Accompanist provided.
• Understanding who you are and what monologue and right for you
• Understanding the theatre, director and production you are auditioning for
• Receive specific practices on how to “drop in” to the character at the start of an audition
• Direct access to and support by Linnea

2 Month Career-boost*
Performer commits to meet with Linnea once a week for an hour session for two months. Highlights of the 2-month career boost are:
• Identifying where you are and where you want to be
• SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)
• Specific action plan to achieve the “next level”
• Help finding and choosing new audition material
• Direct access to and support by Linnea

Singers One Month Intensive*
For opera singers or musical theatre performers who find acting too difficult to concentrate on during singing.
Performers commit to meet with Linnea once a week for a month. Highlights include:
• Tapping into your imagination as a sure-fire way to act effortlessly
• How to act without interfering with your vocal technique
• Accompanist provided
• Non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere

One Session monologue boost
Session-by-session coaching is available for performers who have “one-time” specific issues they wish to tackle
(before an audition, call-back or interview). Subject to availability; please call or email to inquire.

*Monthly fee payable at the beginning of each month; Sessions are limited and openings tend to fill up quickly. A wait list is available. Please email or call (408) 334-1120 for more information.
Please note the following policies for all private coaching offerings:
• Payments are due at the start of each session.
• There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for private coaching sessions. You will be charged for a full session if there is not a 24 hour advanced notice.
• To enroll in Private Coaching, please email or call (408-334-1120) for more information.