Linnea George



I am a nomadic theatre artist.  I have planted the seeds I gathered from different places and am currently watching them bloom into a lifelong career.

I started collecting Performing seeds in Bay View, Michigan. As a little girl, I participated in musicals directed by retired NY director, Willard Peirce. Willard told me he watched me “all the time” and that I was “very good.” At Interlochen, I gathered seeds of Inspiration and Hope as I was cast in lead roles even though I was the ugly-duckling of the group.

As I spent my school years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I gathered the seeds of Music, Discipline, and F*cking-Hard-Work as I observed the lives of my parents who are professional classical musicians and tried to live up to their expectations as a classical violinist.

Resilience, Passion, Pain and Disappointment were the seeds I gathered at the University of Illinois. Amid the harsh criticism and inescapable negativity found in the Theatre department, two gardeners—John Ahart and Dr. Robin McFarquhar—provided the much needed inspiration I needed not to quit.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I found the seeds of Excitement and Joy as I quickly found an agent, learned to surf, recorded with a couple bands, and met the man who is now my husband.

In 2004, my husband and I moved to Europe. This was a very hard time for me. In Budapest, I gathered the seeds of Isolation, and Darkness as I questioned my purpose in life. In Germany, I collected seeds of Perseverance, Acceptance and Courage. I accepted myself as a performing artist in Dresden and asked my husband for another chance to pursue my dreams. In 2007 we moved back to the United States.

In the San Fransisco Bay Area, in 2012, I picked up a seed of Creation as I gave birth to my daughter, Kira. She is my greatest and most challenging production yet.