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About Linnea

Linnea George is honored to call Creativity her profession and People her medium of choice. Since she was five years old, Linnea has tasted the triumph and the terror of performing on the stage: A Suzuki violin player at 4, an unenthusiastic ballet dancer at 7, and an actress at 10, her first production, A Music Man, marked the beginning of a hopeful career when the production’s retired New York director told her she was “very good”. Since then, she has participated as an actor, director, choreographer or crew member in countless plays, musicals and operas; her favorite roles being Katharine from Shakespeare’s Henry V , Queen Aggrivain from Once Upon a Mattress and Charlotte from Private Fears in Public Places.



“That’s a hard role. You found things in that role that no other production has.”

- Anthony Clarvoe–on my performance of Toria Bruno in Ctrl+Alt+Delete

“George’s performance is easily the most compelling as [she] disappears into her role”

- Steven James-Broken Arrow Ledger